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Welcome to WatzHub

Global e-mobility solution for companies

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Personalization will be there!

En quelques clics vous pouvez désormais demander la personnalisation de votre application mobile , votre badge de recharge électrique et plus...

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Real-time notification and monitoring

With just a few clicks, you can now monitor your recharging sessions, your payments, etc. in real time.

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Our main singularities

WattzHub provides a global solution to electric vehicle fleet managers with the following features:




Fleet management


About us

About our agency

WattzHub is a european eMobility operator created in 2019 by a team of experts to showcase their expertise in IT and electric mobility to offer an innovative solution to all companies that need to manage issues related to the recharging of electric vehicles.



All across europe


via infrastructure providers

Charging points

delivering until 350 kW

Charging transactions

on 2021 forecast

Package of services

Multi-user access

Users can use the mobile application to search for charging points, access them with their personal badge or the "WattzApp" mobile application and track their own consumption.

Follow-up of charging sessions

WattzHub offers you an interface to easily track all the refills made by your fleet. With real time information, WattzHub provides user feedback, the number and status of charges, as well as the overall cost.

Badge Management

WattzHub allows you to place orders and assign the ordered badges to your employees with a simple click, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a lost or stolen badge, you can block it immediately in the online interface with no charge.

Assistance: User Support

WattzHub launch an intelligent support system to accompany its customers on their daily journeys. It will be completely supported by a team of experts who will enrich and improve the system as they go along. You and your users can profit from personalized assistance: our agents will help you with any technical or functional problem encountered with WattzHub badge

Corporate Mobile solution

WattzHub makes it possible to own a branded mobile app, bearing the name of your company with preferences that you can set up via your company account : A function only available to account managers.

Community notification

Through our mobile application WattzApp, you can easily communicate with other electric vehicle drivers anonymously to request the release of an occupied charging point.

Why to choose us?

Because every company has a customized web solution, our offers are adapted to your budget and this, whatever the type and the size of your company.

Our platform offers powerful functionalities that simplify the management and the follow-up of consumption and the access to the charging points by your employees while guaranteeing the protection of your personal data integrated into our solution during the registration phase as well as its use.

Personal data protection
Interface customization

Our customers