A hundred thousand electric charging points and more soon!.

Through WattzApp you can select and display your favorite or nearby charging points each time you use the mobile application.


What if you tax 400 € per employee thanks to the law of orientation of the mobilities?

With WattzHub, you can financially encourage your employees while being exempt from social and tax charges thanks to the 2020 Mobility Law. A bonus of 400 euros per employee and per year is exempt from taxes and social contribution in order to motivate and encourage the use of environmentally friendly means of transport. Furthermore, companies can provide their employees, for whom the benefit will be considered null by the tax authorities, with electric car recharging.

How to do it?

You can benefit from « WattzHub mobility » from the side menu, that you access by logging in and clicking on « Maximum limit of electric mobility ».
As an employer, you will be able to track the consumption of your employees in addition to the regular management of electrical recharging operations through our online fleet management platform WattzHub. Henceforth, you will be able to consult the consumption in terms of euro figures per badge and set the Maximum limit in the account settings

Package of services

WattzHub is the magic toolbox which brings together all the services & features you need.

Package of services

Users can use the mobile application to search for charging points, access them with their personal badge or the "WattzApp" mobile application and track their own consumption.

Follow-up of charging sessions

We offer you an interface to easily track all the refills made by your fleet. With real time information, WattzHub provides user feedback, the number and status of charges, as well as the overall cost.

Badge Management

WattzHub allows you to place orders and assign the ordered badges to your employees with a simple click, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have a lost or stolen badge, you can block it immediately in the online interface with no charge.

Assistance: User Support

WattzHub launch an intelligent support system to accompany its customers on their daily journeys. It will be completely supported by a team of experts who will enrich and improve the system as they go along. You and your users can profit from personalized assistance: our agents will help you with any technical or functional problem encountered with WattzHub badge.

Corporate Mobile solution

WattzHub makes it possible to own a branded mobile app, bearing the name of your company with preferences that you can set up via your company account : A function only available to account managers.

Community notification

Through our mobile application WattzApp, you can easily communicate with other electric vehicle drivers anonymously to request the release of an occupied charging point.

Fleet Management

A simplified fleet management is integrated into our solution, allowing you to manage your electric vehicles by brand, model, serial number…

Charging station

Use the advanced, filtered search available on the recharging point map to find the ones closest to you anywhere in Europe that are suitable for your electric vehicle.


Your branded mobile application

WattzHub is equipped with an AppBuilder which allows you to customise your mobile application online with your company's colours by applying the visual identity of your brand. Our AppBuilder enables you to generate in a few clicks your mobile charging application for Android and IOS systems.
The WattzApp mobile application will allow your users to find all the charging points not only available on WattzHub, but also on the tens of thousands of free charging points.This is the best way to discover and explore the charging stations. We are consistently searching for innovations to satisfy electric vehicle drivers.

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