A hundred thousand electric charging points and more soon!.

Package of services


WattzHub is a postpaid offer for professionals who own one or more electric cars. WattzHub provides companies managing electric vehicle (EV) fleets with tools and services to meet part of their EV integration needs through the WattzHub platform offering 3 levels of access with different functionalities: administrator access, access fleet manager and end user access. Our solution is particularly suitable for:
- Electric vehicle fleet managers
- All companies with one or more vehicles
- All service companies for professionals


Fleet mangement

Through our management platform, the employer is able to flexibly and easily monitor and track employee load operations via a clear dashboard.
You can have an instant and global visibility as a fleet manager on all activities, so you can act quickly on the different actors and elements.
Our platform is not limited to management operations, but it also allows you to have statistics and detailed monitoring of load sessions as well as payments and invoices.


Recharge card

WattzHub gives you the benefit of a charging badge that will allow you to access thousands of charging points all over Europe and still without any commitment or activation fees.
With a simple click on our management platform you can order, add, delete or deactivate badges. And even more! The badges of your employers can be personalized with your company logo and your graphic charter.


Your branded mobile application

WattzHub is equipped with an AppBuilder that allows you to customize your mobile application online with your corporate colors by applying your brand's visual identity. Our AppBuilder allows you to generate in a few clicks your mobile application for Android and iOS systems.
The WattzApp mobile app will allow your users to find all the charging stations not only accessible with the WattzHub, but also with the tens of thousands of free charging stations. It's the best way to discover and explore charging stations. We are always looking for innovations to satisfy electric vehicle drivers.


What if you tax 600 € per employee thanks to the law of orientation of the mobilities?

With WattzHub, you can financially encourage your employees while being exempt from social and tax charges thanks to the 2020 Mobility Law. A bonus of 400 euros per employee and per year is exempt from taxes and social contribution in order to motivate and encourage the use of environmentally friendly means of transport. Furthermore, companies can provide their employees, for whom the benefit will be considered null by the tax authorities, with electric car recharging.

How to do it?

You can benefit from « WattzHub mobility » from the side menu, that you access by logging in and clicking on « Maximum limit of electric mobility ».
As an employer, you will be able to track the consumption of your employees in addition to the regular management of electrical recharging operations through our online fleet management platform WattzHub. Henceforth, you will be able to consult the consumption in terms of euro figures per badge and set the Maximum limit in the account settings


Community notification

WattzHub has set up an anonymous community exchange service between EV users. In order to communicate with each other, for example to request free charging station spaces via notifications and a mobile application, this tool is 100% anonymous and totally secure. Thanks to x-change, no more queues (queues) at public charging stations. By accessing our platform, you can now print your card presented in the form of an instantly generated and anonymous QR code. Why is this? By putting the card in your electric vehicle, you will allow any driver to exchange with you anonymously in order to request the release of the charging station you are using, and this in compliance with the rules of data protection (standards) personal data (RGPD).